Company history

The Company was founded in 1982, for the development and production of sterile covers for devices. Today, and in co-operation with our customers, further developments are made from prototype to finished article. Our products are exported to many European countries and are popular because of their quality and flexibility.

In addition to the manufacture of sterile covers, Covoc also started the distribution of medical products.Special items in the ENT sector but also urological products and have a lasting influence on the company structure.

Due to the good cooperation with users of surgical drainages this product line has become firmly established. These were wound drainages of medical grade silicone. Web-Sil drainages were developed further whereby we can offer a comprehensive range and several variations to our customers. In 2003 fluted drainages in various sizes and types were added to the product line Web-Sil drainages.

In 2004 the company developed the “Patient Warming System PWS 71000” and added it to the product range. This product group developed for the use in intensive care, recovery room and operating theatres includes tailor-made warming blankets as well as a Blower. In autumn 2011 a redesign was effected. This product line of Covoc is successfully exported.

Based on the trust and the close contact to our customers we are able to develop and manufacture products at the request of the users.

Due to the construction of a new warehouse the enlargement of the storage capacity for 900 m² was achieved in 2008.